Pet Fencing FAQ’s

Below you may find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our Pet fence systems.


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General Electronic Pet Fencing FAQ’s

How are your systems different from Invisible Fence® systems or other pet containment brands?

Our system is the most advanced pet containment fencing you’ll find on the market. No other system can match the range of features, customization, or training expertise provided by our dealers. In addition, our electric fence systems are the ONLY systems completely designed, tested, and assembled in the United States to ensure top quality products and service.

Are your products compatible with other systems?

Yes, our pet fencing products are compatible with most other containment brands on the market, including Invisible Fence® brand systems.

Do you have any indoor pet containment solutions?

Yes, we have indoor pet containment systems available. In addition, they work seamlessly with outdoor pet containment systems, allowing maximum security and maximum freedom at the same time!

Underground Dog Fence Training FAQ’s

How long will it take to train my pet?

Our GentleSteps™ low-stress training technique helps your pet learn at a faster pace, but each pet is different. Typically, initial training takes about 2 weeks.

Do I help train my pet?

Yes, owner participation is crucial to successfully teaching your pet their new boundaries, particularly after the initial training phase is complete. We’ll walk you through the steps, and if you need further assistance, we’re only a phone call away.

Electronic Pet Fencing Product FAQ’s

Are the receivers programmable to fit my animal’s weight, size, and temperament?

Every receiver collar is highly customizable and can be tweaked to best suit your pet’s needs and personality.
We’ll provide the initial programming, but the system is very user-friendly and you can adjust it if need be.

How long does the battery last, and where can I get one?

Battery life depends on how often your pet challenges the fence. Batteries typically last from three months to a year.

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